Publisher: Technická univerzita v Liberci

Category: Faculty of Engineering

Release date: 2022

Book size: 9,48 MB

ISBN: 978-80-7494-558-8

Last update: 4. 8. 2022

Book format: PDF

Automatic glass production technology

Vlastimil Hotař, Vladimír Klebsa, Barbora Nikendey Holubová, Ivo Matoušek

The textbook was drawn up on the basis of experience in teaching of subject “Glass Technology” for future graduates of engineering studies at the Department of Glass Producing Machines and Robotics. It is based on current knowledge in the field and mentions some trends in glass technology.

The textbook is intended for the subject “Automatic Glass Production Technology” for students of the 1st year of postgraduate master study programme N0715A270018, N0715A270019 - Machines and Equipment Design and N2301 - Mechanical Engineering, specialization Glass Producing Machines and Robotics.

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