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Publisher: Technická univerzita v Liberci

Category: Faculty of Engineering

Release date: 2018

Book size: 2,13 MB

ISBN: 978-80-7494-441-3

Last update: 2. 12. 2020

Book format: PDF

Minimization of Machine Vibrations

Prof. Ing. Lubomír Pešík, CSc., Prof. Dr.-Ing. Fritz Jochen Schmidt

The presented textbook was developed by way of cooperation between the Technical University in Liberec and the HochschuleZittau/Görlitz. The textbook supports the training module „MinimizationofMachineVibrations“ and presents the selected chapters from the teaching of engineering subjects at both partner universities. The Czech version of this publication is identical in content to the version written in the German language and is intended for further education, in particular of university students. Content-related and formally educational topics related to the current needs for technical practice cut across the present publication.

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